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Color Differences


Color Differences of Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearl color is natural and can take on all the colors of the rim of the black lipped oyster shell which produces it. Tahitian pearls have a wide range of body colors. The predominant basic colors of a Tahitian pearl are black, gray, blue, green and brown. Tahitian pearls also have the beautiful overtones: blue, pink, gold, silver, reddish purple (eggplant color) and peacock green. These overtones may be present in a variety of combinations and are considered a plus factor. Generally, the darker the Tahitian black pearl, the more valuable it is. The finest black pearls also have a green overtone that is called "peacock green". Ref-59468.2 Peacock green is the most sought-after color, so it is most valuable. If you want to amaze yourself by the variety of Tahitian pearl colors, own one "multicolor" necklace. A solid black pearl with no overtone is considered less desirable and may cost as much as 50% less than one of similar quality with green overtones. Pearls with muddy colors are rejected. 1400x600 Multi-color necklace. See more in OUR COLLECTION page.