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Robert Wan

robertwanRobert Wan

Born and raised in Tahiti, Robert Wan’s discovery and passion for the pearls began in 1973. Originally a stockholder in an accounting firm, Robert soon began dedicating his life and energy to pearl farming. In 1974 during his visit to Japan, Robert Wan was introduced to the grandson of the inventor of pearl farming, Kichimatsu Mikimoto. Mikimoto’s grandson promised that he would continually be a buyer if Robert could produce quality pearls. Three years later, Robert’s first harvest was bought by Mikimoto. Mikimoto was the first individual to believe in Robert and this bond continues to exist till today. An individual who loves to take risks, Robert began investing in 1974 when he bought the company Tahiti Perles. The company was founded by Australian biologist William Reed with the hope of producing pearls one day. Ten years later, he continued investing by buying Marutea Sud from Jean-Claude Brouillet, one of the first great pearl adventures in French Polynesia. Robert believes that the pearls from there are amongst the most beautiful in the world. He later acquired Nengo Nengo in Tuamotu Archipelago in 1990. This was something new to him as the area was completely uninhabited and undeveloped. Today, a mere 70 people live there. Robert Wan understands both the art and science of pearl farming. The oysters are grown in pure lagoon waters for five years, where scientists are able to study and monitor the waters consistently to ensure ideal conditions. Once cultivated, each pearl is scrutinized by experts to ensure perfect conditions, resulting in only 1 of 100,000 pearls being selected. It takes roughly three years to put together the forty pearls needed to form a complete Robert Wan necklace. This helps build a reputation for Robert Wan’s necklaces, making it a tier above his other competitors.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.11.18 PMRobert Wan biography - The story of a pioneering adventurer

Robert Wan, whose father, Wan Fong, left China in 1904 to settle on the Island of Tahiti is today a highly respected and successful entrepreneur, having entered the world of commerce at the age of 19. From the very beginning, he was strongly motivated to achieve success and moved quickly from being employee to partner before establishing his own companies.  His values and approach to business are firmly grounded in his family’s history. He is extremely proud of his French nationality and gains inspiration from his Chinese origins; but French Polynesia remains his love and his home. His relentless passion for innovation, quality and excellence has led to him being widely regarded as ‘The Pearl Emperor of Tahiti’.